1 1/2 Inch Enz Scraper Drain scraper unit 45 kg

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1 1/2 Inch Enz Scraper Drain scraper unit 45 kg

The enz®Bulldozer nozzles for channels and pipes (200 mm and larger) are setting new performance benchmarks. The tools in the new Scraper system are equipped with a water chamber. The chamber reduces the water turbulence, which is then supplied to the nozzle inserts. The result is a compact, aggressive and most effective water jet not attained up to now.


  • Enormous flushing capacity = reduced water consumption

  • Big water acceleration = superb flushing effect

  • No swimming-up of the tool = very good cleaning of ground in channels with large water passage


  • The low and compact construction allows various uses in heavily polluted pipes


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