Welfare Tankers

welfare tankers

G K & N Services specialises in the manufacture of bespoke welfare tankers and supply equipment to some of the biggest operators in the UK

From 600 litre capacity waste tanks – suitable  for 1 ton pick-ups – to 18,000 litre capacity – suitable  for 4 axle 32 ton trucks with water tanks and pumping systems for high volume water delivery or low volume, high pressure for cleaning.

We can manufacture one-off welfare tankers for individual small operators and multi-orders for large nationwide organisations.

We use the latest available components and manufacture tanks in mild steel and 304 stainless steel.

All tanks are designed using engineering design engineers, with calculations for pressure and vacuum to ensure safe and reliable equipment.

Welfare Tankers

Key Features

  • Traditional Honda engine powered units
  • PTO powered units for low noise and sensitive working areas
  • All water pumped through separate pumps ensuring no cross-contamination of clean and dirty water.
  • In-house designed Lohler certified hydraulic side lifts.
  • Watertight storage lockers for all service items.
  • Full turnkey service including
  • Truck supply paint spraying
  • Electrical equipment
  • Installation safety equipment for Crossrail and FOHRS compliance
  • All equipment available with low-cost on-site service plans and annual tank testing.


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Welfare Tankers

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